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ZHI acquires manufacturing automation leader Opus Automation accelerating new controlled release product development.

By June 28, 2019September 4th, 2019No Comments

Manufacturing and packaging automation leader Opus ( has been acquired by ZHI. Building on decades of success within the automotive and packaging industries, ZHI has acquired the technology to enable each of its partners to:

  • scale production of new products to geographic and consumer demand and profitability;
  • provide innovative packaging and cost effective shipping;
  • comply with regulatory and product tracking requirements.

Combining these capabilities with ZHI’ formulation expertise in controlled release products enable its health care and consumer products clients to:

  • cut costs and improve reliability of clinical trials;
  • reduce manufacturing development costs and shorten time lines for scale up production to market demand;
  • track products from production to consumption and prevent product counterfeiting.

Established in 1998, Opus Automation is an engineering manufacturing based company specializing in robotic solutions, and automated solutions, for the North American market. Opus provides “best in class” automation solutions to its customers’ unique requirements including innovative and intelligent design solutions that simultaneously increase their bottom line. Contact Mr. Young at

ZHI is a team of industry-tested experts with decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of innovative medical products. The ZHI team brings expertise in pharmacology, regulatory affairs, efficient clinical testing strategies, chemistry and product development to enable its licensed producer clients to rapidly develop and launch best in class controlled delivery products. For more information or