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ZHI provides a full range of services to qualified companies with legal bioactives. We can develop and assist in the launch of controlled release products including transdermal delivery devices (TDDs) and chewable gums.

On Time & On Budget

Controlled release products are rapidly entering diverse markets. ZHI’ industry-tested team can assess your technical and economic options for entry to these markets. Whether you seek a turnkey product or toll manufacturing, we can deliver solutions that match your scale, budget, market, and needs.

Reinforce your brand and client loyalty through:
  • private-label products;
  • de-risked product development;
  • best-in-class regulatory and operational compliance;
  • tracking and anti-counterfeiting options
  • shorter time to market;
  • right-sizing production scale.

Controlled release delivery of your bioactive products can deliver improved user experiences in both medicinal and consumer applications.

Our transdermal solutions offer safe, gentle, sustained, trackable and predictable performance. Our chewable gums offer tasty and long-lasting delivery.

Manufacturing and Packaging automation

Our extension into packaging automation enables our partners to improve efficiency and reduce staff costs by:
  • improving packaging and shipping reliability;
  • scaling production of new products to market demand; and
  • comply with regulatory and product tracking requirements.
Combining these capabilities with ZHI’ expertise in health care and consumer products:
  • reduces costs and shorten time lines for scale up production; and
  • tracks products from production to consumption and prevents product counterfeiting.

Top-Tier Team

ZHI’ management has a proven background in the development and launch of medical and pharmaceutical products and production processes. We are specialized in controlled release products and our engineering and business development experience provides the basis for customized solutions.

Our partners appreciate our expertise and straightforward, no-nonsense path to economic product development.

We will assist you to understand and address requirements for product safety and regulatory compliance. With the right technology and training you can deliver controlled release products that support the development of your business and meet your clients’ needs for improved functionality and user experience.