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We address the production of high-quality controlled release finished goods. Quality assurance, authentication, and compliance are essential for medicinal products.

Our expertise will help you minimize development time & costs.

The ZHI team understands the requirements of controlled release regulatory compliance and manufacturing controls. We can design and develop medical or consumer products in a time and cost-effective manner. ZHI has in-depth knowledge of the controlled delivery space and technologies with particular reference to natural bioactive products. This can speed your efforts while minimizing decision time and costs.

Turnkey Products, Production Systems & Toll Manufacturing

For qualified clients we can perform a full needs and services analysis and deliver solutions ranging from clinical lots, to fully GMP-compliant automated production of finished goods.

ZHI will work with your team to develop products that address specific indications or geographic markets.

Our location coupled with our established technologies and expertise deliver cost effective ‘generic’ and proprietary solutions.

A team to help you grow your profits

Our team has experience in both established pharmaceutical companies and start-ups engaged in product development. We know how to cost-effectively develop and scale products for medical and consumer markets.

If you would like to learn more about the potential benefits of transdermal and chewable gum controlled release delivery, please tell us a bit about yourself and send a message with your questions.